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Boss Bars

Constructing a Boss Bar

Boss Bars are composed of:
  • A component which represents the text shown

  • A percentage, how full the bar should be from 0 (empty) to 1 (full)

  • A color, the main color of the boss bar

  • A style/overlay graphic that allows you to select the amount of notches on the boss bar

// Let's create some example Boss Bars
final Component name = Component.text("Foo Bar");
final BossBar emptyBar = BossBar.bossBar(name, 0, BossBar.Color.RED, BossBar.Overlay.PROGRESS);
final BossBar halfBar = BossBar.bossBar(name, 0.5f, BossBar.Color.GREEN, BossBar.Overlay.NOTCHED_10);
final BossBar fullBar = BossBar.bossBar(name, 1, BossBar.Color.BLUE, BossBar.Overlay.NOTCHED_20);
// You can now send these Boss Bars to an audience