The Adventure docs are currently a work in progress. Some areas may have limited coverage or may not be entirely up to date. Feel free to join our discord at https://discord.gg/MMfhJ8F if you have any questions.


The Adventure platform implementation for Bukkit targets Paper, Spigot, and Bukkit for Minecraft 1.7.10 through 1.17.1.

Add the artifact to your build file:

First, add the repository:

    <!-- ... -->
    <repository> <!-- for development builds -->
    <!-- ... -->

Declaring the dependency:



You should first obtain an BukkitAudiences object by using BukkitAudiences.create(plugin). This object is thread-safe and can be reused from different threads if needed. From here, Bukkit CommandSender s and Player s may be converted into Audience s using the appropriate methods on BukkitAudiences .

The audiences object should also be closed when a plugin is disabled in order to clean up resources and increase the likelihood of a successful /reload.

public class MyPlugin extends JavaPlugin {

  private BukkitAudiences adventure;

  public @NonNull BukkitAudiences adventure() {
    if(this.adventure == null) {
      throw new IllegalStateException("Tried to access Adventure when the plugin was disabled!");
    return this.adventure;

  public void onEnable() {
    // Initialize an audiences instance for the plugin
    this.adventure = BukkitAudiences.create(this);
    // then do any other initialization

  public void onDisable() {
    if(this.adventure != null) {
      this.adventure = null;

This audience provider should be used over the serializers directly, since it will handle compatibility measures for sending messages across versions.

Component serializers

For areas that aren’t covered by the Audience interface, the Bukkit platform provides the MinecraftComponentSerializer (available on Craftbukkit-based servers), and the BungeeComponentSerializer (available on Spigot and Paper servers) to convert directly between Adventure Components and other component types. For uses that don’t integrate directly with native types, JSON and legacy format serializers for the running server version are exposed in BukkitComponentSerializer.