The Adventure docs are currently a work in progress. Some areas may have limited coverage or may not be entirely up to date. Feel free to join our discord at https://discord.gg/MMfhJ8F if you have any questions.


Adventure provides a platform for SpongeAPI 7 for Minecraft: Java Edition 1.12. For SpongeAPI 8 and up (targeting Minecraft: Java Edition 1.16.4), Adventure is the native text library, so no platform is needed.

To get started using this platform, add the artifact to your build file:

First, add the repository:

    <!-- ... -->
    <repository> <!-- for development builds -->
    <!-- ... -->

Declaring the dependency:



The SpongeAPI platform can either be created through Guice dependency injection, or created directly. We recommend using injection, since less boilerplate is requred.

An example plugin is fairly straightforward:

@Plugin(/* [...] */)
public class MyPlugin {
  private final SpongeAudiences adventure;

  MyPlugin(final SpongeAudiences adventure) {
    this.adventure = adventure;

  public @NonNull SpongeAudiences adventure() {
    return this.adventure;

This sets up a SpongeAudiences instance that can provide audiences for players, or any MessageReceiver.